Tree Surgery

Tree Surgery in Petworth, Guildford and the Surrounding Surrey and Sussex Areas

Surrey & Sussex Tree Surgery has an extensive range of services available for domestic customers and commercial clients. Operating out of Cranleigh, we work across the whole of Surrey and Sussex, including key locations such as Guildford and Petworth. Our tree surgeons have worked in the arboricultural sector for over 20 years, earning their NPTC and LANTRA qualifications.

Our practical experience and industry-leading accreditation blend together perfectly, bringing you sustainable solutions for all of your tree surgery requirements.

Services from our tree surgeons include:

  • Crown Thinning
  • Crown Reduction
  • Crown Lifting
  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Coppicing
  • Tree Pollarding
  • Deadwood Removal
  • Tree Management

We support our more traditional tree surgery services by undertaking tree felling, stump grinding and hedge cutting work. We also offer an emergency callout service.

To arrange an initial consultation with our tree surgeons, please contact us on 01403 753395 or 07787 553175.

Choosing a Tree Surgery Service

Surrey & Sussex Tree Surgery strives for 100% customer satisfaction on all projects. To achieve this, we ensure customers in Cranleigh, Guildford, Petworth and the surrounding areas receive the appropriate service from the outset.

Below, we outline the main services available from our company:

Crown Lifting – Our tree surgeons remove the lowermost branches from the crown. The removal of these branches increases the amount of sunlight reaching immediate areas near the tree and improves access around it. We perform crown lifting to specified heights above ground level, and never remove large branches directly from the trunk.

Crown Thinning – This type of tree surgery targets tertiary branches in the outer crown. Removing these branches creates a uniform density of foliage across the branch structure without altering the overall shape or size of the tree. This process reduces weight and wind resistance, and it increases the amount of natural light passing through the crown.

Crown Reduction – Reduction work in Cranleigh, Guildford, Petworth and the surrounding counties controls the spread and the height of a crown to reduce the load placed on branches. It also shapes the tree to suit its environment. Our tree surgeons always retain the crown’s natural framework and outline, albeit in a smaller form.

Surrey & Sussex Tree Surgery never performs crown reductions for the sake of symmetry alone.

Tree Pruning – Our tree surgeons offer a choice of formative tree pruning services to customers in the Southern Home Counties. Use us for one-off, seasonal or contract maintenance tree pruning, and we’ll use our experience to make cuts that only inflict the smallest of wounds; wounds that any species of tree can recover from quickly.

Tree Coppicing – This traditional form of tree surgery sees us cutting to within 300mm of the soil line to encourage fresh shoot growth from the stump and roots. This process, widely used in coppiced woodland, has major benefits for certain species, such as oak and hazel. Regeneration happens over a number of years, allowing for stem harvesting in the future.

Tree Pollarding – Customers and clients in the Cranleigh, Guildford and Petworth areas, and those across Surrey and Sussex, opt for pollarding to create multi-stem branching on young trees. Tree surgeons remove the tops of trees, returning to make further cuts periodically so home and landowners have a regular material supply for poles, fodder and firewood.

Deadwood Removal – The team at Surrey & Sussex Tree Surgery removes dead stems, limbs and branches from the tree, but only segments that present a significant risk to people and property. Deadwood provides a habitat for many different types of wildlife so, as an ethical service provider, we leave non-hazardous deadwood to fall to the ground naturally.

Call 01403 753395 or 07787 553175 to discuss our tree surgery services. Located in Cranleigh, our tree surgeons cover Guildford, Petworth and all surrounding areas.