Tree Felling in Cranleigh | Safety-Conscious Services for Surrey & Sussex

Surrey & Sussex Tree Surgery has a proven track record of safe tree felling services stretching back to our establishment in 2010. As genuinely local tree surgeons, our team shares more than two decades of trade experience. During this time, we have safely brought down countless trees, ensuring the utmost safety for our clients, their property, the public and our personnel. From our base in Cranleigh, we work throughout the Surrey and Sussex region, including Esher, Guildford, Petworth and Ashtead.


As environmentally-friendly tree surgeons, we carry out tree felling as a last resort. Sometimes, however, a tree simply has to be brought down to protect the public and nearby property. Whether it’s been weakened through rot or infection, or suffered damage during a storm, if a tree starts to encroach near overhead cables, railway lines or roadways, it needs to come down.

image of a tree being felled

When it comes to tree felling in Cranleigh and the surrounding areas, we use two primary methods:


1. Directional Felling – Our tree surgeons fell a tree whole in a carefully-planned direction through the use of a directional notch and felling cut. We make the former on the side of the tree in the direction it will fall, while the latter is cut inward from the opposite side. This process creates a hinge that guides the tree safely to the ground. Surrey & Sussex Tree Surgery performs directional felling in open areas where we can guarantee complete safety.


2. Sectional Dismantling – In some cases, trees can’t be felled as a whole. This could be because of space restrictions in built-up parts of Cranleigh, Esher, Guildford, Petworth, Ashtead and the neighbouring areas, or it could be a tree leaning in an unfavourable direction. Regardless of the reason, as NPTC and Lantra-accredited tree surgeons, we dismantle such trees in sections. After climbing the tree equipped with harnesses and ropes, we remove branches and segments from the top down, lowering each piece to the floor for safe and ethical disposal.


To discuss options for either of these tree felling services at your property, please contact us.

Tree Felling | Focused on Safety


Whether we carry out directional felling or sectional dismantling, Surrey & Sussex Tree Surgery works to the strictest safety regulations at all times. Before we begin work on site in Cranleigh or anywhere in the Surrey and Sussex area, we undertake a thorough planning phase that includes a site-specific risk assessment. This ascertains the safest and most efficient way to bring down the tree at hand.


As reputable tree surgeons, we carry out tree felling services with all relevant PPE (personal protective equipment), machinery and tools. In some sectional dismantling cases, this can include the use of rigging equipment.


Surrey & Sussex Tree Surgery also works in the best interests of our natural environment. In regard to tree felling in Cranleigh and the neighbouring areas, this involves checking with local authorities for tree preservation orders (TPOs) and conservation areas, as well as taking into account the other plants and animal species living and growing in the immediate vicinity.


Here at Surrey & Sussex Tree Surgery, we have the experience and expertise to fell even the most hard-to-access trees in Cranleigh, Esher, Guildford, Petworth, Ashtead and beyond.


In addition, we recycle waste materials in the form of woodchip, mulch and seasoned logs, as well as providing supporting stump grinding services.

To discuss tree felling services in Cranleigh and the wider Surrey and Sussex area, call 01403 753395 or 07787 553175.

image of a tree being felled
image of a tree being felled