Tree Surgery in Petworth | Environmentally-Friendly Tree Surgeons

Here at Surrey & Sussex Tree Surgery, we keep the environment at the centre of everything we do. While it may seem like all tree surgeons work with nature’s best interests at heart, it’s an unfortunate truth that not every company does so. Fortunately, an increasing majority of tree surgeons are working responsibly and ethically. As one such company, we maintain an eco-friendly stance during each stump grinding, tree felling, hedge cutting and tree surgery service we undertake in the Petworth area.


Trees and plants play a vital role in our everyday lives. Aside from the obvious benefit of oxygen production, trees also help clean the air of pollution, prevent soil erosion and provide food, to name just a few. In our role as tree surgeons, we promote good tree health in Petworth, encouraging our clients to recognise the vital role that trees play in their garden as well as in society as a whole.


A vital part of our eco-conscious approach is the aim to reduce our carbon footprint to a completely carbon-neutral level. In order to achieve this, we recycle as much of the waste generated from our stump grinding, hedge cutting, tree felling and other tree surgery services as possible.


When it comes to stump grinding and tree surgery, our tree surgeons spread waste materials from sites in Petworth and the neighbouring areas as mulch and woodchips. Not only do these materials stimulate plant growth, they also inhibit the spread of weeds.


In regard to tree felling, we use bio-degradable chainsaw oil but always try to prioritise the use of handsaws where possible.


When the tree has been felled, we sell what remains as seasoned logs for firewood and multi-fuel stoves.


Mindful of Our Impact on the Environment


We assess every job we undertake in the Petworth area in order to gauge the impact of any service on the immediate environment. While this is true of stump grinding, hedge cutting and tree felling, it’s most evident in our formative pruning work. During these procedures, our tree surgeons work towards reduction over removal at all times.


Surrey & Sussex Tree Surgery is aware that we often have direct contact with wildlife, so we structure our services accordingly. For example, when carrying out hedge cutting services in Petworth, we remain aware that birds might be nesting within the foliage. As birds, their eggs and nests all hold protected status under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, we conduct hedge cutting services as a seasonal practice. This ensures that we avoid undertaking work during the breeding season.


We even prioritise the use of email and text messaging in our office in order to slash the amount of paper we use.


Quite simply, we take every measure possible to ensure that the stump grinding, tree felling and hedge cutting services we carry out in Petworth remain as green as possible. By leading as an example to the public and other tree surgeons, we aim to inspire the same passion for nature in others.

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