Tree Surgery and Tree Felling in Petworth | A Sustainable Approach

At Surrey & Sussex Tree Surgery, environmental care is at the heartbeat of everything we do. Accredited tree surgeons work with nature’s best interests in mind, but it is an unfortunate truth that companies without any formal qualifications rarely do. We are one of the most ethical tree surgery companies in our region, and we have a sustainable, eco-friendly approach to formative pruning, tree felling, stump grinding and hedge cutting practices.

This provides welcome reassurance for our prospective customers in the Petworth area.

Trees and plants play an important role in our everyday lives. In addition to the obvious benefit of oxygen production, trees clean the air of pollution, prevent soil erosion and provide food for wildlife. Our tree surgeons promote good arboricultural health, helping Petworth customers and clients to see how trees benefit their gardens, their lifestyles and society as a whole.

Surrey & Sussex Tree Surgery works hard to reduce its carbon footprint to a carbon-neutral level. In order to achieve this, we recycle waste generated from our tree felling work and turn it into seasoned logs and firewood. Materials derived from hedge cutting become woodchip or, for some tree surgeons, biomass fuel. Even stump grinding generates recyclable material, forming a mulch that stimulates plant growth but supresses the spread of weed.

With regards to tree felling, Surrey & Sussex Tree Surgery uses biodegradable oil in its chainsaws (and in its stump grinding machinery) but does everything possible to utilise handsaws on smaller jobs in the Petworth area whenever it is safe to do so.

Reducing Environmental Impact

Our tree surgeons assess all jobs in detail, always to gauge the impact their work might have on the immediate environment. Tree felling and hedge cutting work, and stump grinding to a lesser degree, have their own environmental impact. We like to support any type of tree or hedge removal with new planting programs that keep ecosystems in Petworth balanced.

With formative pruning work, Surrey & Sussex Tree Surgery has much more control over its environmental impact. In all cases, our tree surgeons prioritise reduction over removal.

Tree surgeons often come into direct contact with wildlife, so they need to structure their tree surgery practices accordingly. For example, when hedge cutting in Petworth, we realise that birds might be nesting within the foliage. Birds, eggs and nests hold protected status under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. This explains why we perform hedge cutting as a seasonal service, and never undertake work during the popular breeding and nesting months.

With tree felling, we also look for the presence of nesting birds and other wildlife species, including squirrels.

Stump grinding is a practice that eradicates the trunk remnants of a felled tree and, as such, has little environmental impact. Even so, most of our customers in Petworth go on to develop landscaping themes after a stump removal and this can only have a positive effect on the environment.

We even conduct our office work with the planet and its global ecosystems firmly in mind. Surrey & Sussex Tree Surgery prioritises the use of email and text messages over more traditional forms of communication to limit the amount of paper it uses.

Where other companies take their chances and your money, our tree surgeons take every measure possible to ensure their tree felling, stump grinding and hedge cutting work stays as green as possible. Leading by example is important to environmental care, and it encourages our valued Petworth customers to share our own passion for environmental sustainability.

To book in for tree felling, stump grinding and hedge cutting services, anywhere in Petworth, call Surrey & Sussex Tree Surgery on 01403 753395 or 07787 553175.