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Since our establishment as a company in 2010, Surrey & Sussex Tree Surgery has removed countless tree stumps from properties in Cranleigh, Esher, Guildford, Petworth, Ashtead and across the South East. With the safe use of specialist machinery, we undertake stump grinding at any kind of domestic or commercial premises. Whether your tree stump came with the property when you bought it, or it’s something that has been lingering since a tree felling service, our highly-skilled, fully-qualified tree surgeons are here to help.


With over 20 years of shared trade and industry experience, as well as qualifications from Lantra and NPTC, our team of tree surgeons conduct stump grinding services responsibly and in full compliance with current HSE legislation.


The stump grinding services undertaken by Surrey & Sussex Tree Surgery improves gardens in Cranleigh and the surrounding areas in the following ways:


  • A Safer Environment – Often unseen at such a low level, tree stumps represent a potential trip hazard, even for those familiar with the area. By utilising our stump grinding service, property owners eliminate the danger of having someone trip and potentially injure themselves on their premises
  • More Appealing Aesthetics – No matter how beautiful a surrounding garden looks, a tree stump still remains an eyesore, and one that always draws attention. Property owners in Cranleigh and the neighbouring areas can maximise their hard work, as well as the beauty of their garden, by undertaking stump grinding services
  • Safeguard Garden Health – When undertaken by professional tree surgeons, stump grinding helps to protect a healthy garden. As stumps rot, they become susceptible to a range of diseases and fungi. Not only do some of these have the potential to harm children and pets, others, including honey fungus, can spread to other plants elsewhere in the garden


Tree stumps hold a wealth of negative qualities with no upside, so it’s no surprise that an increasing number of property owners in Cranleigh and across the southern home counties approach us for stump grinding work.


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image of stump grinding

What to Expect from Stump Grinding Services


In Cranleigh, Esher, Guildford, Petworth, Ashtead and the wider Surrey and Sussex area, the roots of most trees grow within the top 16 inches of soil. Through the use of heavy-duty stump grinding machinery, our tree surgeons can either remove the stump entirely or grind it down to a safe level below the soil line.


Whichever choice our clients make, the final result remains the same: an area free of the limitations imposed by a tree stump.


Here at Surrey & Sussex Tree Surgery, our stump grinding machines can tackle uneven terrain and have been designed to pass through the dimensions of an average garden gate. As such, we can take on the vast majority of domestic or commercial jobs in Cranleigh and the surrounding areas, even those with limited access.


Due to the manner in which the rotating disc grinds at the stump, the process creates waste material in the form of wood chippings. As environmentally-friendly tree surgeons, we recycle this material.


If our client wants to keep the chippings in their own garden, we’re more than happy to see it used there. Naturally, if the customer wants them removed from their property, we do so, ensuring their use at another location in Cranleigh, Esher, Guildford, Petworth, Ashtead or the neighbouring areas.

If you require stump grinding services in Cranleigh or at any other location in the Surrey and Sussex area, call 01403 753395 or 07787 553175.

image of stump grinding
image of stump grinding