From Stump Grinding to Hedge Cutting in Cranleigh | FAQ

Here at Surrey & Sussex Tree Surgery, we continually strive to better ourselves as a business. We’re always looking to offer our clients in Cranleigh and the surrounding areas an even better tree surgery experience. Our refusal to rest on our laurels goes some way to explaining why we continue to grow from strength to strength. Whether it’s stump grinding, hedge cutting, tree felling or any other service we perform as tree surgeons, our team accepts nothing less than complete customer satisfaction.


As our client list continues to grow through word-of-mouth recommendations and referrals, we receive an increasing number of questions about the nature of our work. For the convenience of returning and new clients alike, we have answered some frequently asked questions below.


Where are you based?


We are based in Cranleigh. Not only do we undertake tree surgery work here, but we have direct access to any location in the Surrey and Sussex area.


How much experience do you have as tree surgeons?


Surrey & Sussex Tree Surgery was established in 2010, so we have a proven track record for outstanding results as a company. In addition, our team of tree surgeons shares more than 20 years of trade and industry experience.


Can you carry out a tree felling?


Absolutely! As experienced, fully-qualified tree surgeons, we can bring down any kind of tree, no matter the circumstances.


When it comes to tree felling in Cranleigh, we utilise two primary methods:


1. Directional Felling – This procedure involves bringing down a whole tree in a meticulously planned direction. We carry out this type of tree feeling in rural areas or in open spaces that allow us to guarantee complete safety.


2. Sectional Dismantling – Our tree surgeons conduct this method of tree felling in built up areas, or those with limited access, where bringing down a tree whole can’t be done safely. After climbing the tree, we remove branches and segments of it from the top down, safely lowering them to the ground via ropes.


Do you take on stump grinding projects?


Yes, we have the latest in stump grinding machinery to take on domestic and commercial work of any kind in the Cranleigh area. This machinery has been specially designed to fit through the majority of garden gates while having the capability to negotiate difficult terrain. With the ability to access almost any site, Surrey & Sussex Tree Surgery can carry out the required stump grinding to rid your property of unsightly stumps.


Can you undertake hedge cutting jobs?


Yes, we provide a complete range of hedge cutting services for our clients in Cranleigh. As your chosen tree surgeons, we can carry out a one-off task such as trimming or pruning as well as arranging for scheduled maintenance work to ensure that your hedge looks its best year-round.


Surrey & Sussex Tree Surgery also offers contracted hedge cutting work for commercial clients to ensure the immaculate upkeep of hedges on business premises.


Do you hold any trade accreditations?


Yes, as reputable tree surgeons, we hold accreditations from Lantra and NPTC. Our clients in Cranleigh can rest assured that the techniques and safety methods we use in our tree surgery services have been externally assessed to the highest standards.

If you’re in need of tree surgery services like stump grinding, tree felling and hedge cutting in Cranleigh, call 01403 753395 or 07787 553175.