Site Clearance in Guildford and Cranleigh | Efficient Solutions for Your Site

Surrey & Sussex Tree Surgery undertakes extensive site clearance work for all kinds of properties and requirements. Whether you need clearance services for construction, extending your home, or as part of forestry management, we deliver professional solutions. With experience working on projects of every size in Cranleigh, Guildford and the surrounding areas, our tree surgeons provide suitable and efficient services.

Using specialist equipment and machinery, we carry out a range of services to the highest standard. No matter the size or condition of your site, we provide thorough assessments, tree reports and advice to give you the results you need.

Our site clearance services include:

Advice on boundaries, legal obligations, permits and restrictions, including Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and sustainable forestry.
Tree reports and management recommendations.
Risk assessments and works programmes to minimise visual and environmental impact.
Tree pruning and felling using suitable methods.
Removal of tree stumps, undergrowth and scrub.
Hedge cutting, pruning and removal.
Reclaiming land and redefining boundaries by bringing overgrown sites back under control.
Removal of green waste.
Tree and forestry management, including partial site clearance while retaining certain trees.

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When You Need Site Clearance

Clearance services from our qualified tree surgeons are ideal for a variety of requirements in the Cranleigh and Guildford area. From homeowners and landowners to construction companies, local authorities and golf club proprietors, we meet the needs of a diverse range of clients.

To discuss the specifics of your job, please contact us today. The following are some of the main uses for site clearance:

Construction & Development

If you are planning a construction or development project on a plot of land that contains trees or other vegetation, we help prepare your site for building works.

Using specialist equipment, we efficiently and safely remove trees, tree stumps, undergrowth and other obstacles. We also prune back trees and hedges to provide more room.

Site clearance is ideal for all kinds of construction, from small home extensions to large commercial builds and redevelopments.

Overgrown Sites

For gardens and sites in Cranleigh and Guildford that are overgrown, neglected or unhealthy, our tree surgeons provide clearance services to return outdoor spaces to a healthy, attractive and usable condition.

Our various pruning, removal and maintenance services keep trees and hedges the right size for their environment, maintain safety and prevent the spread of disease. All this gives you an enjoyable and attractive space.

Get in touch with Surrey & Sussex Tree Surgery for comprehensive site clearance solutions in Cranleigh, Guildford and all the surrounding areas.