Tree Surgery in Esher | Property-Enhancing Work

The arboriculture services provided by Surrey and Sussex Tree Surgery play a vital role in enhancing domestic and commercial properties in Esher and the surrounding areas. Not only do they improve safety and aesthetic appeal, they also increase access and, when undertaken as part of a larger landscaping project, property value too. From stump grinding to tree felling to hedge cutting, the work undertaken by our tree surgeons remains a wise property investment.


Below, we have outlined how three of the core tree surgery services we provide in Esher can have a transformative effect on your home or business premises.


1. Hedge Cutting


If you have a hedge on your Esher property, you don’t need us to explain how quickly they grow. One of the most popular and fastest growing hedge species, leylandii, has the potential to grow up to 90cm per year. While they offer outstanding privacy and can be trimmed into a range of impressive shapes, they require regular hedge cutting work to keep them looking their best.


The tree surgeons at Surrey & Sussex Tree Surgery provide one-off or ongoing scheduled hedge cutting services to keep hedges in the Esher area looking their best. By having maintenance work carried out at least two times a year, your hedges will never look messy and unkempt again.


2. Stump Grinding


Quite simply, if you’re considering carrying out stump grinding at your Esher property, there are a host of benefits with very little in the way of a negative. Not only are tree stumps unsightly eyesores, they pose a very real danger to people using the land in which they grow. Due to their position at ground level, tree stumps have the potential to cause trip-and-fall incidents.


For homeowners and companies alike, having someone injure themselves on your property can prove costly. The stump grinding services provided by Surrey & Sussex Tree Surgery either grinds the stump down to a safe level beneath the soil or removes it completely. With the experience and expertise of our tree surgeons, as well as the latest in stump grinding machinery, we can take on work at any location in the Esher area.


3. Tree Felling


Whether we undertake directional felling or sectional dismantling, Surrey & Sussex Tree Surgery provides tree felling solutions to keep people and property in Esher safe. As reputable tree surgeons, we always strive to find the perfect balance between complete customer satisfaction and protecting the natural environment. We strive to undertake tree felling as a last resort, but in some cases, it is simply unavoidable.


If a dying or damaged tree poses a threat to property, as well as overhead cables, railway lines or roadways, we carry out tree felling work as swiftly as possible in order to eliminate the risk. In the majority of cases, the danger posed comes in the form of a tree leaning toward an Esher property with the very real prospect of collapsing.

If you require stump grinding, tree felling, hedge cutting or any other tree surgery service in Esher, speak with one of our tree surgeons on 01403 753395 or 07787 553175.