Tree Surgery & Stump Grinding in Ashtead | Tree Care Advice

In our position as specialist tree surgeons for the Ashtead area, the team at Surrey & Sussex Tree Surgery are always on hand to give our clients advice to bring out the best in their gardens. With a shared trade experience of more than 20 years, we have extensive knowledge on all kinds of tree surgery, tree felling, stump grinding and hedge cutting. By applying this know-how, we help to create and maintain beautiful gardens centred on healthy and thriving trees.


When it comes to tree care, our clients in Ashtead and the surrounding areas often receive conflicting information from a variety of sources. This makes the undertaking of maintenance work an uncertain process. To start the clarification process, we have outlined some tree care dos and don’ts below.


Tree Care Dos & Don’ts


1. Do water young trees regularly. In most cases, watering at least twice a week should suffice. Watering is even more essential for the survival of new transplants as, during the moving process, they lose as much as 80% of their roots. Our tree surgeons recommend that Ashtead clients keep the soil feeling moist, ensuring that the water applied doesn’t simply run off, but is properly absorbed.


2. Don’t forget to adequately water mature trees as well. As experienced tree surgeons, we recommend that our Ashtead customers apply a deep water across the radius of a tree’s canopy to ensure coverage for the entire root network. It’s important to avoid moistening the leaves, however, as this could lead to mildew and scorch issues which, in turn, may necessitate tree surgery services.


3. Do utilise mulch where possible. Whether sourced from garden centres in the Ashtead area or saved from stump grinding and tree felling services, mulch is rich in essential nutrients that promote plant growth while reducing the spread of weeds. If you or a friend require any kind of tree felling or stump grinding work, tell our tree surgeons that you’d like to keep the arising mulch for your own garden.


4. Don’t over-do the hedge cutting. As with any plant or tree species, hedges require precise cuts when it comes to maintenance work. If Ashtead property owners cut or prune too much off sprouts and leaves, they run the risk of inflicting permanent damage on their hedge. In some cases, they can even kill it off completely. Each species requires a different hedge cutting process, so it’s best to leave such maintenance work to our tree surgeons. Here at Surrey & Sussex Tree Surgery, we have vast hedge cutting experience with even the rarest of species.


5. Do apply mulch in the right way. When laid correctly, mulch not only retains moisture that trees can feed on, but also passes on nutrients as it slowly decomposes. Whether bought for a garden centre or sourced from stump grinding and tree felling procedures, when the mulch is on your property, it needs to be spread approximately two inches deep across the soil surrounding a tree. When in place, mulch also protects trees in Ashtead from the potentially damaging freeze-thaw cycles of winter.


While we understand the appeal of caring for your own Ashtead garden, we always recommend the use of fully-qualified tree surgeons for specialist jobs. When it comes to tree felling, stump grinding and hedge cutting, we not only have the expertise, but the latest tools and machinery to get the job done safely and to the highest of standards.

If you’re in need of hedge cutting, tree felling, stump grinding or other tree surgery services in Ashtead, call 01403 753395 or 07787 553175.